AS IT IS Australian Tour

At the start of 2017, I toured with my friends in Undercast as they supported AS IT IS across Australia. This meant I was not only producing content for Undercast, but had the opportunity to work alongside AS IT IS as well. I shot most of their sets, partly for practice but mostly because they’re so much fun to both watch and photograph. Thought I’d finally post a proper gallery of them from the tour, considering it’s almost been an entire year and there was so much content I haven’t posted before! 

Japan ‘17

Like every other Australian millennial in 2017, I went to Japan! I did a solo visit to Tokyo for a few days, then spent the rest of the time adventuring through Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Nagoya and Ise with my little sister who has been on exchange for almost 12 months there. Here’s a photographic overview of the trip. Woo!

Pupdate #1

Thought I’d start a new blog series with photos of dogs that I meet. I love dogs more than anything and try to photograph them whenever possible. I have an ongoing zine project involving dogs, so these puppers will become familiar faces in the future when I finally release the zine! 

The italian greyhound’s name is Pinocchio, and the sweet greyhound pup is Baxter. I cannot remember the little chocolate fluffballs’ name, but it was probably something cute. 

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