I AM ME; a collage zine.

Words by Mary Elizabeth Bosse.

May you rest in endless and joyful peace. 

These words have followed me around for the years since Mary’s sudden passing. I have wanted to create something with them for such a long time; to turn some of her last published writing into more than just text on a webpage, and pay tribute to such a vibrant and loving human being. It has always stuck with me that these turned out to be last words.

With such limited time on earth that can cease without warning, it feels ridiculous to waste time doing things that make life worse, not better. 

The pressure to be something weighs so heavily on all of us at some time in our lives, causing us to push ourselves to the brink trying to achieve, impress, and feel adequate. We are trained to desire acclamation and constantly pursue something better, but sometimes we just have to sit back and realise that we in ourselves are enough.

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